ALERXANDROV&PARTNERS Develop Algorithm to Protect Client from Lessee’s Illegal Actions
22 October 2018

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS were approached by the Client that leased out oil storage industrial equipment. Due to the negligence on the part of the lessee, the property in question became practically unfit for use. The lessee justified its actions by the fact that although the property was not returned to the Client, the lease agreement was allegedly terminated, and therefore, the lessee was not obliged to take care of the property. Furthermore, having examined the situation, we discovered that the lessee had built its own oil products storage facilities close to the leased property in violation of safety requirements established by the law.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS carried out the analysis of the situation and developed a comprehensive strategy for the lessor to obtain compensation for the damages inflicted. We have also worked out the position during the negotiations, filed a lawsuit with the commercial court, and appealed to law enforcement and the regulatory authorities.

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