ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS Advised on the Procedure for Acquiring Rights on an Elite Land Plot in the Downtown of One of Ukrainian Largest Cities
09 November 2017

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS team gave legal advice and prepared a memorandum on the issues of acquiring title to the land plot located in the downtown of one of the Ukrainian metropolitan cities. There is an incomplete construction project owned by the client located on that land plot.

The task assigned by the client during the work on this project was complicated by the investment agreement between the client and the educational institution, on the basis of which the construction of the shopping centre was commenced, and by the fact that the part of the land plot under the construction object was not carved out into a separate land plot.

As the result of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS teamwork, a step-by-step algorithm for carving out and acquiring the land plot under the incomplete construction project has been developed on the basis of applicable laws and regulations, and relevant court practice.

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