ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS implemented the scrum project management methodology, increased efficiency and reduced the cost of services
01 September 2017

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS is a company which activity is guided with the principles of efficiency and innovation. Now we have implemented the Scrum methodology in the work of our office.

Scrum is a fundamentally new approach to managing projects and teams. Every request of our client is a separate project implemented by a well-coordinated team of at least three experts according to the world-recognized Scrum methodology.
Using Scrum gave us the opportunity to enhance the value of the services provided for our clients by way of:

  • reducing the cost of the services provision due to optimization of time expenditures and comprehensive reorganization of work processes;
  • improving the quality of the services provided due to engagement of several specialized professionals in implementation of each client’s project;
  • reducing the time needed for the achievement of a requested target.


The result of Scrum implementation was the transition of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS to a single hourly rate which is now equivalent to EUR 70 per 1 hour of the company’s work.

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