ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS Managing Partner Spoke at the Week of Structural Reforms Conference Held in Honor of Kakha Bendukidze
18 March 2016

Dmytro Alexandrov, Managing Partner at ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS, has participated in the discussion panel “Land reform. How to establish a land market in villages and list restrictions on land commerce in cities”, which was held in Kyiv within the framework of the Week of Structural Reforms Conference in honor of Kakha Bendukidze.

“Today we heard opinion of the actual land owner, and this is very important. At present, the land market is indeed operating. For example, there are emphyteusis agreements (use of land for agricultural purposes) concluded for long periods of time up to 200 years. For the market to start operating efficiently the balance of interests of all market players ­– land owners, government, village communities, and businesses – must be taken into account. Current policies have to rely on effective legal mechanisms in order to legalize and open the land market. Proper approach to the opening of the land market will help restart the economy,” said Dmytro Alexandrov.

Bendukidze Free Market Center and VoxUkraine Kyiv School of Economics organized the event for spreading the idea that Ukraine is at risk of losing its future without decisive market reforms.

More than 300 representatives of non-governmental organizations, businesses, politics and the government had a chance to discuss land reforms, free flow of capital, energy, privatization, and law-governed state, during the Conference.

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