05 February 2018

Capitalization of cryptocurrency market exceeds $ 500 billion. Today the cryptocurrencies are the possibility to make settlements faster, more convenient and easier than it can be done in a fiat currency. Being in an active market environment, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS are witnessing an increasing number of fraudsters who offer their services in transactions with cryptocurrency. The growth in the number of fraudsters is also connected with insufficient legislative regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

To ensure investor’s guarantees and establish a reliable protection for investments, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS have developed a new practice «PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS IN CRYPTOCURRENCY». Within the framework of the «PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS IN CRYPTOCURRENCY» practice, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS offer:

1. Support of investments in cryptocurrency:

• Drafting of agreements for the sale and purchase, exchange, and pledge of cryptocurrency.
• Drafting of investment contracts and agreements for the management of cryptocurrency assets.
• Advising on cryptocurrency legislation of various countries.
• Legal support of sale and purchase of mining equipment. Development of mining corporate structure.
• Analysis of the legal risks associated with investments into ICO.

2. Support of ICO:

• Analysis of the legal risks associated with projects’ ICO.
• Structuring of business for ICO.
• Drafting of the legal component of Whiteрaper, Terms and Conditions.
• Development of the legal component of smart contracts.
• Opening of accounts in foreign banks.
• Elaboration of an algorithm for withdrawing of ICO-raised funds into a fiat currency for ensuring project implementation.

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