ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS Protect Business of Large Ukrainian Agricultural Company
11 October 2018

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS protected business of a major Ukrainian agricultural company and worked out a system aimed at reliable protection of the client’s business.

As part of our legal advice, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS analysed commercial operations of the client’s company which allowed for identification of vulnerabilities that could affect business security. To avoid possible threats, we made efforts to solve the existing problems.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS have also represented interests of the client in relations with regulatory authorities. In particular, we appealed in court actions of authorised officers at relevant authorities. Based on the results of the appeal, the court delivered a number of judgements in favour of the client.

ALEXANDROV & PARTNERS have designed a thorough system aimed to maintain information, legal, financial and technical security of the client’s business, and offered tools to counter potential threats.

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