Senior Associate Hennadiy Doroshenko and Senior Associate Victor Myronenko participated in a regional workshop “Land and Business Protection” in Poltava. This event was dedicated to the key operational aspects of agricultural companies: anti-raidership and land relations. The workshop was attended by lawyers and accountants as well as owners and managers of agricultural companies.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS were approached by local investor with questions related to acquisition of agricultural company. In particular, they were considering purchasing corporate rights in the company to increase their land bank.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS lawyers were instructed by the Client to develop a structure for transaction related to acquisition of a number of land plots owned by legal entities and individuals with total area of more than 3 ha by one of the largest developers in the region for construction of residential complex.

Based on the results of the said negotiations, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS identified a list of regulatory acts that need to be amended and offered their version on how to proceed with the project.