We have always been of the opinion that knowledge must be shared. Therefore, practical cases, methods of dealing with the day-to-day (and not only legal) matters that the business faces can be found in our books written by the whole team.

Which companies were searched and employees were questioned in the course of criminal proceedings. As the result, our lawyers elaborated client’s defense strategy and position in the criminal proceedings and conducted a complex preparation of company’s officials for taking part in further investigative procedures.

At the time of engagement, the case had been pending for over 10 years. Having reviewed the case files, we offered a principally new approach to building up a relevant legal position.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS received Client’s request as to the possibility to increase the existing crypto portfolio. Our experts provided the Client with necessary contacts and supported negotiations with the company which with the help of a competent asset management makes it possible to receive an additional profit from investments into cryptocurrency.