ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS were approached by a public officer who was accused, without good reason, of committing a corruption administrative offence. In the opinion of the National Anti-Corruption Agency, the corruption offence was that the Client specified the salary paid in connection with termination of his employment not in the notification of significant changes to the property status, but in the declaration for the next year.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS were approached by one of the largest agricultural companies in Chernihiv region seeking protection from unscrupulous competitors. Specifically, using the black PR, a number of local companies attempted to conclude lease agreements for land plots that belonged to the Client’s land bank. At the same time, the terms of new lease agreements proposed for the lessors were significantly worse.

The Client’s funds and property were attached without good reason during pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings. Furthermore, the Client was not informed of the suspicion, he was not interviewed as a witness, even the submissions were not made. Total value of the property exceeded one million US dollars.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS were approached by local investor with questions related to acquisition of agricultural company. In particular, they were considering purchasing corporate rights in the company to increase their land bank.