At the same time, the Client asked whether it would be possible to reconstruct the mansard and carry out capital repairs in it. It also asked about the procedure for obtaining permits for such construction work.

This case was complicated by the fact that the Client, which had the right to claim under the loan agreement, did not obtain the right to claim under the mortgage agreement securing the loan.

More than 10 court proceedings were initiated against this debtor to recover bad debts and enforce pledged property. At the time when the case on recovery of indebtedness was handed over to ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS, unsuccessful litigations against the debtor lasted for more than 5 years in courts of all instances.


Our client, a best-in-class and leading agro-industrial enterprise in the country in terms of growing, pre-sale preparation, processing and sale of different types and varieties of crops and plants, asked for advice on how to preserve and expand its land bank.