Experts of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS provided legal support to the client in restructuring of its debt for the amount of more than 30 million Hryvnias. In the course of the restructuring, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS conducted multilevel negotiations with client’s creditors and drafted the set of documents required for ensuring the interests of all parties to the process.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS defence the client, a good faith acquirer of real estate, in a dispute with a former owner, which instituted legal proceedings for reclamation of the property.

In order to regulate the business processes of the client, ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS supported the negotiation process and developed an individually tailored set of documents for the transfer of exclusive property rights to a number of trademarks, taking into account preferences of the parties.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS, as a company with an innovative approach and a flexible business policy, always meets the needs of its clients.