On 16 December a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the Annual Ukrainian independent competition of the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association (hereinafter referred to as UAA) “Lawyer of the year – 2016”, which the UAA holds the third year in a row, took place. The competition aims to choose the best Bar representatives, who adequately defend their clients, received the relevant authority from the society and have contributed to the development of Ukrainian Bar institution.

VI Annual Winter Forum of UAA on Criminal Law and Procedure was held on 16 December. The event aimed at the exchange of experience between experts, discussion of the topical issues related to the defense in criminal cases, familiarization with the practice of functioning of certain institutes of procedural law in 2016, studying the practice of the European Court of Human Rights as well as the features of the criminal proceedings in European countries.

In less than a year the associates of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS organized a honey export business. The associates of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS began the implementation of this project by studying the market and legislation of a number of European Union countries, neighboring countries and the USA.

In the framework of providing legal support to one of the major enterprises of agriculture sector of Ukraine, the associates of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS registered a number of industrial designs in a very short time.