The experts of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS advised a group of companies – a major developer of residential real estate in the Kyiv Region – on introduction of the trademark into the European market, as well as other related issues on the protection of intellectual property rights.


In order to restore violated rights of the client, the experts of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS elaborated and implemented a step-by-step algorithm to challenge the existence of the clone-site as the one infringing the copyright to client’s trademark, before the domain name registrar and the web hosting company, to block the  clone-site and terminate its display in Google and Yandex search engines.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS team gave legal advice and prepared a memorandum on the issues of acquiring title to the land plot located in the downtown of one of the Ukrainian metropolitan cities. There is an incomplete construction project owned by the client located on that land plot.


The associates of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS, under the leadership of its Partner Oksana Kryzhanivska, conducted a legal analysis of the client’s situation and gave practical advice on the plan of actions necessary for the establishment of international sales, including the issues of introducing into the business of a non-resident structure in order to facilitate the operation of the start-up in the near future. The company’s experts also advised on the protection of intellectual property rights, namely, patenting of the product, which is manufactured by the client outside of Ukraine.