Introduction of the Development Code at ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS
10 January 2017

The team of lawyers and experts at ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS promotes high standards of work and tries to share them with all its new employees. The aim of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS is to reach a high level of competitiveness and professional development by every employee.

The purpose of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS business is to deal with the problems of its clients. Solving problems is not part of our work, but the work itself. While handling the instructions from clients, all employees at ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS must strive to “do something even better than it is.”

In order for each employee of the company to understand the values and strategic goals of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS, the DEVELOPMENT CODE was worked out and implemented for each job profile at the company.

The DEVELOPMENT CODE is an internal policy that makes it possible for employees to understand their responsibilities and creates a clear algorithm of actions, the performance of which guarantees career development.

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