Partners of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS Spoke in Educational Program of Leadership-in-Law Law School
30 May 2017

Leadership-in-Law Law School invited Dmytro Alexandrov and Oksana Kryzhanivska to share their professional experience with students of the educational program.

Dmytro and Oksana spoke on Strategic Management. Mr. Alexandrov discussed the need and importance of working out a company development strategy, as well as the fact that without properly prepared strategy, efficient management and control over its implementation, it is impossible to reach the positive result.

Ms Kryzhanivska spoke about the following: Does the lawyer need to go deeply into the marketing? What should the lawyer be able to sell in the first instance? How to build a dialogue taking into account client’s “identity”?, etc.

During their presentations, the Partners of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS shared their personal experience with the students on how to build a successful law firm.

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