• Anti-raider actions:
    • Due diligence of existing business in order to form an effective counter raider system.
    • Preventive measures that make it possible to protect business against raider attacks (security of documents and assets, protection of interests in relations with partners, introduction of anti-raider IT systems, introduction of legal restrictions on registration and other actions on behalf of the company, regular monitoring of risk areas, etc.).
    • Measures to be taken if anti-raider takeover has taken place (counteraction against registration actions, initiation of court proceedings, attachments, putting of social and PR pressure, etc.).
  • Acting for and defending clients in litigations and enforcement proceedings.
    Protection of interests at all stages of criminal proceedings.
  • Creation and implementation of a system for countering internal corporate fraud.
  • Development and implementation of corporate security system.
  • Development and implementation of mechanisms for protection of investments and investor interests.
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive preventive measures related to business and assets protection against infringements by third parties.
  • Regulation of relations between partners in business, creation and implementation of guarantee system for each business owner.
  • Structuring of business and assets with involvement of foreign companies.
  • Planning and optimization of financial flows in business.
  • Due diligence of business partners and their reputation.
  • Search for assets.
  • Acting for clients in relations with governmental and local self-government authorities, law enforcement, controlling and security agencies, business partners and other persons.
  • Crisis management.


  • Anti-Raider Audit is a service ensuring:
    • control over client’s business and assets;
    • addressing of issues with company’s protection;
    • significant reduction in risks of raider attacks.

Anti-Rader Audit is a basic component of the preventive anti-raider protection system that makes it possible to reveal, rectify and prevent any problems with company’s protection.
Only flaws in the company’s protection may lead to a successful raider attack on your business.
Anti-raider audit is the activity of lawyers and auditors with the necessary experience and expertise during which all aspects of a possible raider attack are worked through. Such approach reveals all weak points at which a raider may direct its efforts to achieve a maximum result.
The proposed approach to business protection is based on our experience in counteracting seizure of business and has proved to be the most effective model for building an anti-raider protection system.

I am grateful to ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS for successful and efficient long-term cooperation which resulted in the solution of a number of complex legal issues.

Andriy Adamovskyi, Oledo Group
One of creators of Sky Mall and Gorkogo Park projects