ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS DISPUTE RESOLUTION. BANKRUPTCY Practice provides the following services:

  • Acting for and defending clients in:
    • Corporate and investment disputes
    • Debt collection and damages payment disputes
    • Land disputes
    • Real estate and construction disputes
    • Contractual disputes
    • Intellectual property rights protection disputes
    • Disputes with governmental, local self-government and regulatory authorities
    • Antimonopoly and competition disputes
    • Disputes with tax and customs authorities
    • Banking disputes
    • Public-private partnership disputes
    • Family and labour disputes
    • Honour, dignity and business reputation protection disputes.
  • Representation in courts of all jurisdictions and instances in Ukraine.
  • Acting for clients in bankruptcy, rehabilitation and liquidation proceedings.
  • Acting for clients in cases related to protection of officials
  • Recognition and enforcement in Ukraine of awards rendered by international commercial arbitration and foreign courts.
  • Drafting and advice during signing and performance of settlement agreements.
  • Search of debtor’s assets.
  • Legal support in enforcement proceedings.
  • Advice on how to hold liable for failing to perform judgements.
  • representation of taxpayers before the fiscal agencies.
  • legal support during tax inspections (review of inspection results, drafting of objections to inspection reports, formation of evidential base).
  • appeal of tax decision notices, acts/omissions of the fiscal agencies.
  • representation of taxpayers in courts.
  • VAT refund.
  • enforcement of VAT refund court decisions.
  • defense of clients in criminal proceedings on white-collar and tax crimes.
  • Legal and financial due diligence of existing debt.
  • Debt restructuring advice either to lenders or debtors.
  • Restructuring and collection of bad debt.
  • Support in releasing assets from encumbrances.
  • Development and implementation of preventive measures to avoid any cases of debtor’s acting in bad faith.
  • Acting for a lender during liquidation of a debtor.
  • Acting for lender in bankruptcy proceedings:
    • Debt restructuring in bankruptcy proceedings.
    • Cooperation with creditors committee.
    • Advice on debtor rehabilitation.
    • Advice on investment into bad assets during bankruptcy proceedings.

All lawyers of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS we worked with are extremely professional and successfully implement exclusive legal solutions.

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