ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS provides the following services within its IT&IP LAW. CRYPTOCURRENCIES Practice:


  • Protection of IP Assets:
    • Settling of contractual relations with software developers and other persons providing services related to creation of custom intellectual properties.
    • Registration of rights to intellectual properties.
    • Planning and optimisation of business’s flow of funds.
    • Drafting of public contract for cryptocurrency project.
    • Bringing of masterminds and founders of Scam-projects to justice.
  • IP&ІТ Due Diligence:
    • Identification of IP assets and review of legal registration of intellectual property rights to such assets.
    • Evaluation of ІТ&ІР assets and their impact on the company’s business processes.
  • Prevention of Threats and Elimination of Cybercrime Consequences:
    • Advice on how to ensure information security.
    • Elimination of legal consequences of information and cybercrimes.
    • Legal advice on compensation for harm caused by cybercrimes.
  • Support of investments in cryptocurrency:
    • Legal analysis of risks and safety of investments when investing into cryptocurrency project.
    • Drafting of agreements for the sale and purchase, exchange, and pledge of cryptocurrency.
    • Drafting of investment contracts and agreements for the management of cryptocurrency assets.
    • Advising on cryptocurrency legislation of various countries.
    • Development and support of the procedure for reimbursement of the funds from cryptocurrency Scam-projects.
    • Analysis and provision of recommendations for settling conflicts between the founders of the cryptocurrency project and investors.
    • Development of methodological recommendations and rules for cryptocurrency project.

In the course of our joint work with ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS we were repeatedly impressed by professionalism of its lawyers, their attention to clients’ instructions and excellent results of work.

Kostiantyn Baskin
Owner of LANDLORD Magazine