ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION Practice provides the following services:

  • Advice on construction projects and real estate deals of any level of complexity.
  • Due diligence of real estate and incomplete construction properties. Mitigation of risks related to the purchase and possession of real estate and incomplete construction properties.
  • Obtaining of permits and other documents required for construction, pulling down, commissioning, restoration, and renovation of real estate properties.
  • Dealing with complex real estate properties with special status (architecture landmarks, bomb shelters, etc.) and integrated properties (innovation parks, etc.).
  • Advice on allocation of land plots for real estate properties.
  • Structuring of construction holdings with involvement of foreign companies.
  • Planning and optimization of financial flows in business.
  • Advice on raising of additional financing for construction business (lending, counterpart funding, grants, financing by private funds and investors, IPOs, etc.).
  • Representation in courts of all instances.
  • Protection of interests at all stages of criminal proceedings.
  • Audit of existing construction business, development of a strategy for improving business performance and its implementation.
  • Acting for clients in relations with governmental and local self-government authorities, law enforcement, controlling and security agencies, business partners and other persons.
  • Regulation of partnership relations in construction business.
  • Development and implementation of a system for protection of investments into construction business and real estate.
  • Drafting of lease, easement, contractor, supply, joint activity, sale and purchase, utilities and other agreements, advice on conclusion, performance, modification, and termination of the same.
  • Advice on the buyout of mortgaged real estate properties, assignment of rights, and relief of encumbrances.
  • Advice on projects of public-private partnership.
  • Legal advice on development projects.

We are thankful to ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS for successful advice on consolidation of Trigon Capital and Hartwall assets in the framework of general and large-scale construction and development project and assistance in its implementation.

Trigon Hartwall Ukrainian Properties AS