ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS is a company whose activity is guided by the principles of efficiency and innovation. In 2017 we implemented the Scrum methodology in the work of our office.

Scrum is a fundamentally new approach to managing projects and teams. Each instruction by our client is a separate project implemented by a well-coordinated team of at least three professionals according to the world-recognized Scrum methodology.

Scrum gave us the opportunity to enhance the value of the services provided to our clients by way of:

  • reducing the cost of our services due to optimization of time expenditures and comprehensive reorganization of work processes;
  • improving the quality of our services due to engagement of several specialized professionals to work on each client’s project;
  • reducing the time required to achieve necessary results for our clients.


If our professionals spend less than the planned time for the execution of the assignment, the cost of the services to be paid by the client decreases accordingly. If we spend more than the planned time, the client will not pay for the hours beyond the planned limit – this is our risk and we are responsible for that.

In case the scope of the instruction is extended by the client once the terms and fees have been agreed upon, the budget and the timeframes are reviewed and additionally agreed with the client.



After receiving an instruction from the client, we estimate the scope of work and determine the time that we will spend on it. The timeframes are pre-agreed with the client and, if necessary, optimized in accordance with the client’s needs.

We constantly improve to provide our customers with the services of best quality and as soon as reasonably practicable!


We will be happy to introduce to you the Scrum methodology by the example of our services provision!