We guarantee full confidentiality of all information:

  • received from the Client

  • about the Client and/or its inquiry

  • developed for/at the request of the Client

We ensure and improve physical means of data protection:

  • Location of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS office and our video surveillance system ensure maximum confidentiality for each guest

  • 24-hour security of company’s office

  • Double control system of all ingoing and outgoing information

  • Innovation means of data protection

We are the association of attorneys and keep an attorney-client privilege in compliance with the Law of Ukraine On Bar and Legal Profession.

Pursuant to Article 21.2.2 of the Law of Ukraine On the Bar and Practice of Law, an attorney may not disclose attorney-client confidential information and use it in his/her own interest or in the interest of third parties without client’s consent.

Pursuant to Article 22 of the said Law, attorney-client privilege includes any information about the client that an attorney, an assistant to attorney, attorney’s trainee or a person in employment relationship with an attorney became aware of, as well as the matters on which a client applied to an attorney, attorney bureau or attorney company, as well as the contents of the recommendations, advice, or explanations provided by an attorney, documents drafted by an attorney, information stored on electronic media, and any other documents or information received by an attorney while practicing law. The obligation to keep attorney-client privilege confidential shall extend to an attorney, an assistant to attorney, attorney’s trainee or persons in employment relationships with an attorney, attorney bureau, attorney company and a person, whose right to practice law was suspended or terminated. An attorney, attorney bureau, and attorney company shall ensure conditions that preclude access of third persons to attorney-client confidential information or disclosure thereof.