Level Objective
An individual: We help people be happy in their life and work.


A company:

(all employees)

We ensure that our employees:

  • fulfil their potential
  • enjoy what they do

We help them find their calling.



(and their businesses which we support)

We provide high-quality legal services at a reasonable price (an accessible luxury).

We harmonize client’s business and lead it to success.

We help our clients understand real goals of their business.

We focus the business on a true cause of the issue and help find the most “environmentally friendly” solution.


World: We give our important positive knowledge to the world and help people who use it.


the Earth: We introduce and popularize the principle of treating the Earth and its resources with care, keeping the Earth clean (including when doing business).


the Universe: We act within the concept of positive vibrations and positive thinking that raises vibrations of the Universe.

SLOGAN: All tasks can be completed, all ideas can be implemented, all risks can be mitigated!


1. Providing Clients with services of the highest level.

We do our best and even more so that our Clients receive the highest level of service, and appreciate the positive relations with each Client. We are proud of the fact that ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS has built an effective system of providing services, creating emotional comfort for Clients and has developed a clear procedure in order to support all the projects.

2. Certain achievement of the best result.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS always achieves the best result for the success of each Client’s business. Even if the solution of the situation seems impossible, we will certainly find a way out. For over 15 years we have been finding creative solutions, applying innovations in our work and, as the result, we create new litigation practice and positive precedents. We will do more, but the result will be achieved.

3. Sincere passion for work and positive thinking.

We are genuinely passionate about every action we take, from writing a simple e-mail to accompanying a macro project. Every employee of ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS is an incredibly positive person, which is the key to achieving the best results for our Clients, because we believe that positive thinking is the accelerator for any business process and the basis for creating talented solutions.

4. Continuous improvement of personal and professional qualities.

ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS unites not only the experts of the highest level, but also the individuals with high moral qualities. But we want more for our Clients; therefore we constantly develop each member of our team.

5. Time as the highest value.

We value time of our Clients and employees, so we focus on achieving the result in the most efficient way.

6. Respect as the foundation of all relationships.

All the relations in ALEXANDROV&PARTNERS are built on absolute respect for each person and every phenomenon. The process of our improvement is continuous, but it can be successful only if there is modesty and respect for the whole world around us. We are building a happy team with high moral potential.

7. Honesty and openness.

Our law firm is dynamic and open to new contacts, offers and solutions. At the same time, we are always honest with our Clients and employees, because success of any case depends on the laid foundation, and honest assessment of risks and perspectives is the foundation of any business project.